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It is not only about business administration

WiSo Alumnus Christian Jäger today heads a management consultancy in the healthcare sector.

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Even before completing his studies (MSc. Health Economics) at the WiSo Faculty, Christian Jager founded his own management consultancy in the health care sector in 2013 with InnovaPrax GmbH. His main focus of activity could hardly be more topical at the moment: quality management, hygiene and data protection, especially for medical and dental practices, nursing homes, outpatient care and emergency services. We talked to him about his assessment of the Corona crisis and its possible effects on the german health care system.

Christian Jager already gained in-depth practical experience before his studies and the founding of the company.  For several years, he worked as a paramedic in the public ambulance service and in a central emergency room. His work in the emergency medical services led him to numerous practices, nursing homes and other health care facilities. We also talked to him about how this practical background influenced his studies and how his studies enriched him. Last but not least, we asked him which tips for students he could derive from his experiences.