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Information about the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

WiSo-Faculty and University of Cologne (March 31st, 2020)

Understandably the constantly changing information situation regarding the current distribution of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) leads to great uncertainty. On the part of the University of Cologne, the Rectorate provides continuous information on current measures and advice. The information page is constantly updated.

The WiSo Faculty is in close contact with the university management in order to protect the health of our students, lecturers and staff. Information from the Faculty is collected centrally at this point.
The employees will be continously informed about the corresponding regulations.

Webinar for WiSo students on online teaching
Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 from 11:00 a.m to - 1:00 p.m

The WiSo-Faculty is pleased to start the online teaching in the summer term with beginning of the following week.
For an introduction to the tools used, WiSo IT-Services will offer a webinar "Student Training - Online Teaching" via zoom.

Event and participation information is summarized in the current special newsletter.

Teaching in the current semester (winter term 2019/20)
All classroom courses have been stopped since Monday, March 16th, 2020. The WiSo-Faculty is working intensively on successively offering as many of the events affected online. Some of them are already taking place, new ones are being added continuously. The information about the individual events is noted in KLIPS as notes to the respective events in the event series.

Start of the courses in summer term 2020
The NRW Ministry of Science has postponed the start of the semester to April 20th, 2020 throughout the state. At the same time, it has authorized the universities to conduct digital courses before the newly established start of the lecture period. The WiSo Faculty therefore starts the lecture operation as planned on April 6th, 2020 with online teaching formats. This may differ from the regulations of other faculties.

More detailed information about the individual courses can be found in the information in KLIPS and ILIAS. Under "Information" or "other remarks" of the individual courses you will find the corresponding notes. Contact persons are the lecturers listed in KLIPS.

WiSo IT-Services provide students with an information sheet on online teaching (German) to facilitate practical implementation.

Examinations, final papers, inspections in the winter term 2019/20
The Rectorate of the University of Cologne has decided to cancel all currently scheduled attendance examination dates in the area of responsibility of the University, initially until April 20th, 2020. All Examinations, planned as presence examination and currently scheduled until April 19th, 2020 will not take place. The WiSo Examination Office has published the corresponding regulations and information (including information on catch-up dates, hardship regulations and homework) on its website.

Deadline for all bachelor and master theses which are currently still in progress will be extended by five weeks. This applies to all current theses that were begun before March 16th,  2020.

As of now (initially limited until April 20th, 2020), theses can also be submitted online via Sciebo (university cloud) within the individual deadline. Binding information also with regard to inspections is to find on the Website of the WiSo Examination Office.

Changes in the application process for Master's programmes
Due to the current situation the WiSo faculty has decided to make some changes regarding the application process for the Master's in International Management (CEMS MIM), especially concerning the admission tests and  language certificates for English. These changes are subject to the condition that the application is submitted to the MIM Master Application Portal of the University of Cologne and to uni-assist if necessary by March 31th, 2020.

Separate regulations have also already been made for all other Master’s programmes of the WiSo faculty, including the Double Master‘s programmes. Relevant information is to find on the master‘s application website.

Closure of the work and break rooms
All central and decentralised areas open to the public are closed until further notice. This also includes the public places for learning and recreation, including those in the departmental libraries. The letterbox in front of the entrance to the WiSo Student Service Point - also the letterbox of the WiSo Examination Office - is still accessible (via the university-mainbuilding).

Due to the current situation, the service units of the faculty cannot offer personal consultation hours and advice. They remain available by telephone and e-mail.

Cancellation of other events besides presence/classroom teaching
Like the attendance courses, other extracurricular events (co-)organized by the faculty will not take place on campus, such as information events and trade fairs, at least until April 20th, 2020. Here, too, efforts are currently underway to have the events held online or at a later date. The respective organisers will provide online information on the respective event and inform registered participants about the further procedure.

Lending of books and other media
Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to borrow or return media in the subject and institute libraries. The WiSo library service is working in consultation with the University and City Library on a uniform solution that can be implemented at short.

International students / study abroad
Incoming guest students, outgoing students and CEMS students can find detailed information on the International Relations Center website.

Coronavirus-related inquiries
Until further notice, the Wiso Student Service Point has discontinued the personal study counselling on site. It can still be reached by telephone, e-mail and via the website. Inquiries on corona topics are collected there centrally and, if necessary, forwarded within the WiSo Faculty.

It is still difficult at present to make accurate forecasts of developments. In the event of further measures, we will inform those affected as soon as possible.

Like the university management of the University of Cologne, the WiSo Faculty also asks for prudence in dealing with the current situation and for a prudent and non-discriminatory approach to the issue.