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CEMS United Nations Model in der Financial Times

Simulation Conference of CEMS Students on United Nations Climate Negotiations: Report in the Financial Times


UNFCCC Cologne 2019

180 future business leaders from 9 business schools and more than 30 countries met in May 2019 for a simulation of UN climate negotiations. This exciting programme, which is supported by the United Nations, is part of the semester programme on climate change and climate policy, which takes place as part of the CEMS Masters International Management of the WiSo Faculty and other internationally leading business schools. The students are assigned roles according to the real participants in the negotiations. Their goal is to find a consensus on how to implement the ambitious goals of the Paris Climate Change Agreement to keep climate change below 2 degrees Celsius.

How the conference went and what the students learned from it can now be read in a current article in the Financial Times.

This unique educational initiative has the official backing of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its Executive Secretary, Patricia Espinosa.