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WiSo Slogan Contest

With the WiSo Slogan Contest, we want to create a new WiSo slogan together. A slogan that states who we are, what we do and where we as WiSo make a difference.


The two goals of the WiSo Slogan Contest


1. We want to find a concise & contemporary slogan that describes the WiSo faculty and achieves the following:

  • Communication of the WiSo brand to the outside world
  • Identification of all internal stakeholders with the slogan

2. The ideation process itself should serve as a vehicle to initiate a discussion on what working/studying/teaching at WiSo is all about!


The Science behind it

The process of the WiSo Slogan Contest is inspired by the concept of Innovation Tournaments, characterized by Ulrich & Terwiesch* as well as a by various case studies of successful innovation and idea tournaments. The basic theory behind the concept is that a vast amount of ideas from a large number of people increases the chance of finding a truly outstanding idea. However, the challenge is to identify the best idea. That’s where the tournament comes into effect. Much like a sports competition, the ideas compete against each other and only the best ideas make it to the next round. In the final round of the contest, the winning idea(s) are identified.


How does the contest work?

The WiSo Slogan Contest is designed as an innovation process that enables everyone at WiSo to make suggestions for a new slogan and to rate other submissions.


In the first part of the WiSo Slogan Contest, the submission phase, every member of the WiSo is invited to propose ideas and concepts for a fitting WiSo slogan. All employees (administration, teaching, research), students, alumni and other members of WiSo can participate. Sharing a slogan idea is easy! We have created an online tool with a simple, 3-step submission process. Everyone is invited to be as creative as possible. We are looking for all kinds of concepts for a slogan, even unconventional ones! We treat all submissions anonymously.

The Online-Tool is open from June 27th – July 15th:

When all submissions are collected, the second part of the WiSo Slogan Contest starts: The selection phase.
Every WiSo member now has the chance to participate in rating the quality of each idea in the first selection round. The results are then analysed and a fixed quota of the highest rated ideas proceeds to the next round.
In the 2nd selection round, an interdisciplinary panel of experts from multiple stakeholder groups within WiSo meet in a workshop to discuss the results and identify trends. In this phase, they prepare a shortlist of the most outstanding concepts that will be published.


The results of the WiSo Slogan Contest reflect the opinions of all WiSo members and are officially handed over to the Dean. They will be used to sharpen and communicate the WiSo mission and profile.


Click here to download our One Pager that provides a brief overview on the WiSo Slogan Contest.


*Terwiesch, C. and Ulrich, K.T., 2009. Innovation tournaments: Creating and selecting exceptional opportunities. Harvard Business Press.



Nachdem alle Einreichungen gesammelt waren, begann der zweite Teil des WiSo Slogan Contest: Die selection phase.

Jedes WiSo Mitglied hatte nun die Chance bei der Bewertung der Slogan-Ideen mitzuwirken und eine persönliche Einschätzung zur Qualität der Slogans abzugeben. Die Ergebnisse dieser ersten Selektionsrunde wurden analysiert und eine bestimmte Quote der Ideen mit den höchsten Ratings gelangt in die nächste Runde.

In der zweiten Runde wurden die verbliebenen Ideen von einem interdisziplinären Team mit Mitgliedern aus unterschiedlichsten Gruppen der WiSo evaluiert. Zusammen identifizierte diese Gruppe die aussichtsreichsten Konzepte und hat folgende Shortlist mit den 21 besten Slogan-Ideen erstellt (alphabetische Sortierung):

  • Achieving excellence for a better world
  • Developing ideas for society and a vision for tomorrow
  • Diverse minds, novel ideas!
  • Diversity and Excellence for a Sustainable Society
  • Empowering business worldwide
  • Empowering people by doing science
  • Getting things done. Scientifically.
  • Heritage. Diversity. Ambition.
  • Heritage. Excellence. Diversity.
  • Inspiration, Innovation, Impact
  • Inspired by excellence.
  • Research that shapes society!
  • Science for an open society
  • Science for Innovation
  • Science for Society
  • Science that innovates society
  • Science-inspired Innovation
  • Strive for Excellence
  • Today's ideas for tomorrow's contribution
  • WiSo - Visions that matter
  • WiSo. Your future. Our challenge

Die Ergebnisse des WiSo Slogan Contest, welche die Meinung aller WiSo-Mitglieder wiederspiegeln, werden an den Dekan übergeben. Sie tragen dazu bei, unsere Mission und Vision zu schärfen und sie erfolgreich zu kommunizieren.

Klicken Sie hier um den WiSo Slogan Contest One Pager mit allen Informationen auf einen Blick herunterzuladen.


*Terwiesch, C. and Ulrich, K.T., 2009. Innovation tournaments: Creating and selecting exceptional opportunities. Harvard Business Press.