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Here the Examination Office provides information on current developments in the examination process. It also provides information about the requirements for the performance of examinations, which result from the current hygiene concept of the university. Therefore, please inform yourself on these pages even shortly before an examination. Information that only concerns individual exams will be published further via the Campus Management System KLIPS. All important information on current measures and advice in connection with the novel corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) can be found on the website of the Rectorate of the University of Cologne".

The guidelines for the organization of work by the university also have an influence on the procedures at the examination office. Please understand that the processing of applications and the sending of documents can sometimes take longer than usual. The following information is given as of 02.12.2020. If there are later changes in the individual areas, this will be marked accordingly:


Online instead of presence Exams March 2021 (01.02.2021)

The faculty decided today that exams that were previously scheduled as face-to-face exams in March 2021 will be switched to online. Any time shifts necessary for capacity reasons on the already announced exam day will be announced via KLIPS. Please note that the registration deadlines for the exams will not be changed. This also applies to the deadlines that end today, i.e. on 01.02.2021.


presence Exams

Please note the following points in particular:

  •     Please pay close attention to the individual registration and cancellation dates for the various modules. Once these deadlines have expired, it will no longer be possible to register or deregister for the respective examination.
  •     In setting the dates and deadlines, the Examinations Office has, as in previous years, tried to schedule examinations which are scheduled for the same semester in a degree programme as far apart as possible. Due to the many restrictions resulting from the pandemic, this is not possible as in previous years. This applies in particular if individual dates have to be postponed at short notice (see below).
  •     All dates set are subject to the provisions in force at the time to combat the pandemic. It is therefore not excluded that even dates announced at short notice may have to be postponed or changed.
  •     Please inform yourself regularly, even shortly before an examination, on the Internet pages of the examination office about the current measures.
  •     Check your s-mail account regularly, even shortly before an examination you have reported.

Here you will find an information sheet with general instructions on how to conduct attendance examinations in due time before the exams. Familiarize yourself with the rules and procedures and observe them as a matter of course.


Alternative examinations forms

Examinations can also be conducted as online examinations (written or oral) for all participating students at the request of an examiner. All further information will be provided by the examiner.


Free attempt (updated 11.01.2021) 

The Rectorate and the faculties of the University of Cologne have jointly decided, on the basis of the Corona Epidemic University Regulation, that exams taken between April 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021, which have not been passed, will be considered as not taken. This does not apply to final theses.
In detail, this means that exams that are usually marked as
- not taken or
- not passed (this also applies to exams in which students have documented by a clear declaration of intent that they do not wish to take an exam)
can be recorded in KLIPS with a subsequent withdrawal. It is not necessary to submit applications for retrospective withdrawal for examinations with a date in the above-mentioned period.
The regulations on final examinations remain unaffected.


Final theses (updated 11.01.2021)

- Please contact the examiner for the registration of a thesis as before.

- Requests for return of the topic or for the extention of the deadline must still be addressed to the Examination Office.

- By decision of the Examination Board, until further notice a thesis does not have to be submitted additionally in paper form and on an electronic data carrier if SCIEBO is used for transmission. Detailed instructions for uploading theses can be found here. SCIEBO is the non-commercial cloud storage service for research, studies and teaching developed by the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster (WWU Münster) for participating universities.

- It is still possible to submit a paper version and additionally on a data carrier (CD or DVD). The thesis can then be sent by post or dropped into the mailbox in front of the WiSSPo. According to the current status, access to the WiSo building through the main entrance at Albertus-Magnus-Platz and thus to the mailbox in front of the WiSSPo is always guaranteed by at least one entrance.

The main building can currently be entered through the night entrance (far left) despite closure until at least 31.01.2021. After pressing the bell, admission can be granted.

- Further information can be found on the Internet pages of the examination office.


Inspections (updated 08.01.2021)

The inspection of examination results should be made possible in a timely manner. However, as long as there is no face-to-face teaching at the university, it is not possible to view examinations in a face-to-face format. During this time, inspections should be carried out in an online format if possible.
The chairs will inform you about viewing dates and registration formalities via the central inspection homepage of the faculty or via S-Mail.
All further information on the inspection of examination results can be found here.


Graduation Ceremony

Also the exam celebration in the winter semester 2020/21 has to be cancelled in its present form and will be held on January 16, 2021 in a digital form.
You can inform yourself here about the receipt of the final documents. If you are assigned to the exam celebration in January 2020, the final documents can only be issued after January 16, 2020. In this case, please refrain from submitting an application for the final documents before this date.