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Due to the current situation, the graduation ceremony, which was planned for 27.06.2020, cannot take place. As a result, the usual regulations listed below are largely overridden. It is not yet foreseeable at which point in time a personal collection of the final documents at the WiSo Student Service Point is possible again. On written request, however, the final documents can still be sent by letter post (registered mail) (see below). Please use the application filed here to apply for delivery and attach a copy of one of your photo IDs (identity card, driver's license, etc.) to it (in order to avoid misuse). It is necessary to receive the original application with signature (no scanned signature). Please send us both sides of the application as a single sheet, page 1 will be deposited in your file, page 2 will be returned as the cover sheet of the registered letter.

If you are assigned to a future exam celebration (next appointment 16.01.2021, virtual celebration), the final documents can only be given after the next exam celebration. In this case, please do not apply for the final documents to be sent.

We deeply regret the cancellation of the graduation ceremony and wish you all the best for your future.

Usual regulations:


It is a well-established tradition to present graduates with their certificate and final transcript of records at a ceremony held once a term. Consequently, the final transcripts of records and the certificates are only issued at the graduation ceremony, which the Faculty holds twice a year.

The ceremony is usually held every June/July and November/December (sometimes also in January of the following year) . The event is organised by the Dean’s Office of the WiSo Faculty in cooperation with the student representative body (“Fachschaft”). We would therefore ask you to contact the WiSo Fachschaft if you have any questions in connection with the festivities that follow the official presentation of the certificates.

If you are unable to attend the graduation ceremony, you can collect the documents during the WiSo Student Service Point opening hours, starting from the first working day after the ceremony. A person authorised by yourself can also collect them for you. In this case, please ensure that the letter of authorisation you give them includes their name and date of birth and a copy of one of your photo ID documents (ID card, driving licence, etc.). A sample authorisation letter can be found here.

In principle, it is also possible to have your transcript of records and certificate sent to you by post starting from the first working day after the ceremony. It is important that you note, however, that the final transcript of records and the certificate can only be issued once. It is not possible to re-issue them if they are lost or damaged in the post. If you wish to have the documents delivered by post nonetheless, you can make a written request to the Examination Office starting from the first working day after the graduation ceremony.

Bachelor programmes with an educational component

The degree documents are issued by the Centre for Teacher Education (“Zentrum für LehrerInnenbildung” (ZfL)).