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Commencement of studies and admission to the examination procedure

To sit examinations on the programmes offered by the WiSo Faculty, students must have been granted general admission to the examination procedure. This requires an application to be made to the Examination Office.

Please note:

Students who have not been admitted to the examination procedure, cannot register for or sit examinations.

General admission

Requests for admission to the examination procedure must be made through the Examination Office’s website Examination Office’s website. Please make sure that you have activated your s-mail account beforehand.
Please fill in the form shown there, print off the PDF and post it in the mailbox outside the WiSo Student Service Point. Alternatively, you can submit your application during the opening hours of the WiSo Student Service Point or send it by post to the Examinations Office. If the checklist (bachelor / master) specifies that further documents need to be submitted, or if you wish to submit further documents, please enclose the full documents with your request.

After submitting the necessary application documents, the proceeding will usually take up to seven working days. After those seven working days you should be able to register for examinations in KLIPS 2. If this is not possible in your special case, you should contact the examination office immediately in written form.

Since it is not possible to take or register for examinations without having been admitted to the examination procedure, you should make your request as soon as you have enrolled. In some cases, the deadline for registering for an examination is very early on in the term.

In case that documents take longer than expected to reach you, it is therefore essential to submit a requests for admission to the examination procedure with reference to any outstanding documents in good time before the end of the registration period in question. A provisional admission to the examination procedure may then be granted if necessary.

The grounds for rejecting applications to be admitted to the examination procedure are detailed in the Examination Regulations. The current provisions can be found in the current version of the examination regulations applicable to you. They may prevent you from being admitted if you failed a comparable programme at the final attempt at a higher education institution in the Federal Republic of Germany, even if the Student Services Department has already granted you a place.

If you failed at the final attempt a programme at another higher education institution in Germany prior to studying at the WiSo Faculty, it is crucial that you report to the Examination Office, before enrolling if possible, and file a written request for a check to be carried out to determine whether your previous programme is comparable with the new programme you are seeking to embark on.


To do so, it is imperative that you provide us with a full copy of the Study and Examination Regulations for your previous programme and a complete transcript of records, with the seal or stamp of the body responsible for examinations on that programme.