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“Studium Integrale” - Examinations

“Studium Integrale” examinations are not organised by the Examination Office. These examinations can all be repeated as often as desired.

The “Studium Integrale” comprises 12 credit points and formally counts as a module.  No mark is awarded for the module. The “Studium Integrale” courses are run by the faculties, the Professional Center and the International Office of the University of Cologne. Students are not permitted to attend “Studium Integrale” courses offered on their programme or in their subject but designed only for students on other programmes.

A list of “Studium Integrale” courses can be found in KLIPS 2.0.

Please note: Academic achievements which you have taken during your studies at the University of Cologne can only be credited if the course in KLIPS 2 is a part of the “Studium Integrale”, if you registered for the course via the group  “Studium Integrale”, if you are enrolled for the examination (where appropriate) and if no other ECTS credits have been credited on the same exam node in KLIPS 2. Even if there is another second course on an exam node that you already completed, the exam node can be credited just once. The respective departments are responsible for the crediting in KLIPS 2.

Pending, future registrations for courses in “Studium Integrale” will be cancelled as soon as a student has reached 180 ECTS and consequently passed his studies.

On request, subject-related, practical knowledge gained at or outside of a higher education institution can be recognised for the purposes of the “Studium Integrale”. One ECTS credit is granted per 30 verified working hours.

A note is made on the student’s current transcript of records to indicate that a certain number of credit points are to be recognised. No details are given of the knowledge acquired (e.g. name of the organisation where the student did an internship).
Here, you will find more information about the procedure and the documents needed to be sent in.