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Examination dates and registration

Please note:

Students who have not been admitted to the examinations procedure cannot register for or take examinations.

Details of the admission procedure can be found here.

Examination dates

The registration dates and examination dates for each examination are announced on KLIPS 2.0 in plenty of time before term starts.

Registering and deregistering from examinations

Registration deadlines are published well in advance on the on the corresponding websites. Students must register for all examinations by the given deadlines and in accordance with the requirements specified by the Examinations Board. Missing or incorrect registrations can only be corrected within the deadlines and only by request. Consequently, you should not wait until the last day to register if you wish to be able to make corrections. Candidates can deregister from an examination by the given deadline by providing a written statement to that effect (usually via the relevant examination registration system) without having to give their reasons.

If you are looking for general information about examination dates and the deadlines for registering/deregistering, this guide can help. It shows how you can view dates and deadlines without having to log in to KLIPS 2.

Students can register for examinations in KLIPS 2.0.

For module examinations which are offered on the basis of a lectures with a limited number of participants, registration is first made via the corresponding examination at the course. After expiry of the cancellation period, the registration will be postponed to the corresponding module examination, provided that registration in this module is permissible in accordance with the examination regulations. Obstacles to admission to the module examination include successful completion of the module examination and an existing notification of the module examination. The registration context (see below study area, group) is adopted.

Together with the registration for an examination, it must always be specified to which study section (Core and Advanced Section, Supplementary Section, Specialisation Section) the module examination is to be assigned. If individual study section are divided into groups, the group must also be specified. Such a determination can only be revoked if there is a change of group in accordance with §§ 29, 30, 30a, 31, 32 or 33. It is not possible to move a module exam from one group to another group if the original group is not deselected at the same time.

Once that deadline has passed, candidates can only withdraw from an examination for a valid reason. They must give immediate written notification and provide evidence of the valid reason. In cases of illness, this must take the form of a medical certificate that meets the specifications. Further details of the requirements are published on the Examination Office’s website. These rules also apply when candidates fail to attend an examination for a valid reason.


Lecturers shall act as the examiner for the course they teach provided they are a professor of the Faculty or a habilitated member. All other examiners are appointed by the Chair of the Examination Board. You can find the actual list here.