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Research databases

Quantitative primary and secondary data are an important source of information for researchers and students in economics and social sciences.

Below is a selection of important research databases that are licensed at the University of Cologne or at the WiSo Faculty, or are also freely accessible on the web.

The access rules are explained in the key at the bottom of the page.

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Name/Titel    Description/ContentAccess
ALLBUSThe General Population Survey of the Social Sciences (ALLBUS) collects current data on attitudes, behaviour and social structure of the population in the Federal Republic of Germany.
AmadeusAmadeus lists financial information on approximately 14 million public and private companies from 43 European countries. (access via WRDS)


Name/Titel    Description/contentAccess

Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives: The database is a collection of social data, in particular on the countries Germany, USA, France, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Israel, Great Britain, Netherlands and Hungary.


Compustat provides balance sheet and market data of active and non-active listed companies in a standardized form. (access via WRDS)


CRSP US Stock contains the current status of market and corporate action data for securities listed on NYSE, MKT, NASDAQ and Arca. (access via WRDS)

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Name/Titel    Description/contentAccess
DatastreamDatastream provides access to global market data (share prices, market capitalizations, dividends).
in Zahlen
Statistical key figures on the development of the economy and society in Germany. The data range from labour market, purchasing power to balance of payments. In addition to regional and national statistics, there is also a lot of information on Germany in an international comparison.
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Name/Titel    Description/contentAccess

European Social Survey

The European Social Survey is a current social science survey that examines the social and political attitudes of citizens from more than 30 European countries.

EUR-LexAccess to the collections of all legal texts of the European Union. 

Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Union, based in Luxembourg. Its mission is to provide the Union with European statistics that allow comparisons between countries and regions. 

Eurostat also provides micro-data.

Microdata are the data units on the basis of which aggregated statistics are compiled. They consist of data sets containing information about individuals or individual companies. Access to microdata from the European Commission is restricted in order to protect the anonymity of the individuals and organisations surveyed.

The WiSo faculty is recognised by the European Commission as a research institution. If you would like to apply for microdata access authorization, please contact the WiSo Library Service.

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Name/Titel    Description/contentAccess
GENESISGENESIS (Joint New Statistical Information System) is a metadata-based statistical information system developed jointly by the Federal and State Statistical Offices. It opens up the wide range of data offered by official statistics through metadata-based research. Subjects: Areas of expertise: Areas, Population, Employment, Elections / Education, Social Services, Health, Health, Law / Housing, Environment / Economic activities / Foreign trade, Enterprises, Craft trades / Prices, Earnings, Income and Consumption / Public finances / Total accounts.

Global Industry Classification Standard is a classification scheme developed by Standard & Poor's and MSCI for the financial world for various industries. 

(access via WRDS)



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Name/Titel    Description/contentAccess
IABThe IAB Information Platform provides structured information from labour market and career research free of charge. The selected topics contain information on: publications, research projects, institutions and further links.
IBESThe I/B/E/S database contains the earnings estimates (EPS) of banks and individual analysts. The estimates are offered to American companies (HSEPSUS) and international companies (HSEPSINT). (access via WRDS)
ISYInternational Statistical Yearbook (or AllThatStats): National and international economic databases of official institutions; Eurostatistics: foreign trade, country tables, total trade, trade balance, national accounts, national accounts, economic surveys, energy, agriculture, tourism, retail trade, International Monetary Fund, United Nations, industrial development organisation, Deutsche Bundesbank, German Federal Statistical Office, German Institute for Economic Research, OECD. Contains over 1.8 million quarterly, half-yearly and annual time series since 1960.

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Name/Titel    Description/contentAccess
MF LinksThe MF Links database provides tables that provide a reliable way to link CRSP Mutual Fund data (fund development, costs, further information) to the securities portfolio data of the Mutual Fund Ownership Current and History database of Thomson Reuters. (access via WRDS)
Morningstar Direct provides comprehensive data on investments worldwide. The database contains data points on portfolios, performance, risk and master data.
Mutual Fund
The database provides information on securities holdings for all registered investment funds that report their holdings to the SEC. The securities include all NYSE/AMEX/NASDAQ, Toronto, and Montreal ordinary shares. (access via WRDS)

MarketLine Advantage is a database in which international market, industry and company research can be carried out. The data is formatted according to the following types of information:

  • Industry profiles for searching for branches and markets in different countries. These provide a brief overview of the market situation
  • Company profiles with data on company history, business activities, competitors, partly with SWOT analyses, etc.
  • Country information with macroeconomic framework data and indicators, as well as a policy overview
  • News archive for industry-related news in brief

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Name/Titel    Description/contentAccess
Nexis(formerly LexisNexis/Economy) The database contains international press releases, company and financial information, information on people from business, politics and current affairs, sector data, country reports and legal information.
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Name/Titel    Description/contentAccess
OECD iLibrary is the portal for online publications of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The portal provides access to all OECD studies and statistics and can be considered as one of the largest online libraries of data and analyses on business, society and the environment.
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Name/Titel    Description/contentAccess
PreLexPreLex, the database of interinstitutional procedures, allows you to follow the various stages of the Community legislative process between the Commission and the legislative bodies (the Council and Parliament) or other institutions. They will be informed about the status of the procedure, the decisions taken by the institutions, the names of the persons and the services responsible. You will also be given bibliographical information and an insight into the work of the various institutions (European Parliament, Council, Economic and Social Committee, Committee of the Regions, European Central Bank, Court of Justice, etc.).
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Name/Titel    Description/contentAccess

Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe

SHARE contains data on the health, social and economic status and social and family ties of people over the age of 50, collected in 2004 in eleven European countries (Denmark, Sweden, Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and Greece). Other data come from Israel (2005/06) and Ireland, Poland and the Czech Republic (2006/07)

StatistaStatista is a statistics portal that bundles statistical data from various institutes and sources.

The Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) is a representative repeat survey that has been running for 30 years. On behalf of the DIW Berlin, TNS Infratest Social Research is currently interviewing around 30,000 respondents in almost 11,000 households in Germany each year. The data provide information on income, employment, education and health. Because the same people are interviewed every year, long-term social and societal trends can be tracked particularly well.

Access is granted only to owners of a data transfer contract or registered SOEP data users.

After the conclusion of a data transfer agreement with DIW Berlin, applicants receive the SOEP data record via a secure personal download link. Please contact the SOEP hotline (Michaela Engelmann) at the e-mail address

If you would like to apply for access to SOEP data, you are welcome to contact the WiSo Library Service in advance.


Federal and state statistical offices

The statistics portal provides central access to basic statistical information from the 16 Statistical Länder Offices and the Federal Statistical Office and enables a cross-country comparison of this information. The information offered consists of a large number of retrievable data tables with information about the Federal Republic of Germany and all federal states (Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Berlin, Brandenburg, Bremen, Hamburg, Hamburg, Hesse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia).

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Name/Titel    Description/contentAccess

Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) is primarily a web-based interface to a variety of databases.

The unified user interface of WRDS brings together data from numerous business databases in a structured way and allows uniform searches, links and storage, thus facilitating comparability and joint processing of the data.

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freely accessible on the web (personal registration may be required)

Accessible from the university network

Access only for members of the WiSo factual database agreement For further information please contact us

Please always mind the corresponding terms and conditions of use and license.

The general rule applies to publishing house offers subject to licensing:

Employees and students of the University of Cologne are allowed to access the full texts. Library users who are not members of the university can only use the media subject to licensing in the library rooms. Database contents as well as full texts of articles and e-book chapters may only be printed or stored for personal use and research purposes. Articles may not be passed on to third parties either electronically or in printed form. Systematic downloading of journal articles (e. g. all articles from a journal issue) or database contents, in particular also by robots, is contrary to licensing law and is prohibited. In the case of extensive downloads, access may be blocked by the provider not only for its own IP, but also for the entire IP area of the university.

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