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Round table discussion: Strong as a woman!

Alumnae of the WiSo-Faculty talk about their own experiences and career paths and also give valuable tips and impressions on the topics of career, further development and equal opportunities.

Round table discussion: Strong as a woman!

Date: Wednesday 27 January 2021
Time: 18:00 - about 21:30
Location: Faculty meeting room of the WiSo-Faculty (Room 20)
Organizer: WiSoAlumni & WiSo Career Service
Number of participants: 25

Marie-Kristin Illigen - Alumna and Executive and Female Leadership Coach
Larrisa Fuchs – Co-founder of the Women in Economics Initiative and doctoral candidate at the WiSo Faculty of the University of Cologne

✔ Arrival and registration
✔ Welcoming of the guests
✔ Speakers introduce themselves, talk about their professional careers and personal development
✔ Afterwards we will move on to the round table discussion, in which all participants will actively participate.
✔ Networking + Get together

Despite having the same or better qualifications and grades, women often receive a lower salary as soon as they enter the job market. What is the reason for this, but above all: what can be done about it? Why are there still large salary differences between men and women? And is a career with family really compatible? What is the situation in business, science and research? Our open and inspiring exchange ranges from the quota of women in management positions, to salary, visibility and self-confidence.

Female students, young professionals and women with professional experience are welcome to participate in the round table discussion.