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Career planning: Know yourself (better), convince others and find the professional path that suits you best.

With the coach and consultant Boris Lamour
When planning your own career, but also in order to be convincing in the application process, it is important to clearly identify your own strengths, weaknesses, motivators and demotivators and under which conditions you can perform best. This helps you to find the right focus in your job and, above all, the right corporate culture, where you can develop well and make the best contribution. In the end, you and your career really do fit together.
Employers expect you to provide convincing examples of your strengths and motivators. Phrases such as "I am motivated, flexible, a team player and willing to perform" will not convince a human resources professional. Based on hundreds of coaching sessions and assessment centers across all industries and company sizes, coach and consultant Boris Lamour explains what companies need to know and what they look for when assessing the potential of candidates.  He also identifies the decisive factors for the personal satisfaction of each candidate.
Not for everyone are the supposed top employers - or the positions vaguely guessed at during their studies - actually exactly what makes you happy - to think about your own qualities and needs BEFORE the actual job search helps enormously!

You can register from May 25th, 2020 onwards via our career database.  Please note that there is a participant restriction of ten persons. The allocation of places is based on the "first-come-first-served-principle". The closing date for registration is June the 3rd, 2020.

Please note that the participation in this event requires fluent knowledge of the german language.

Access to a printer is beneficial.

When: June 10th, 2020 from 9 am to 12 pm
Where: Online event via Zoom
You can register from May 25th onwards via our career database.

Please note: Disregister from the event if you can not attend.