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No matter whether at university or later in everyday working life - we have the increasing feeling that we have to complete more and more tasks in less and less time.

In order to be able to navigate successfully through everyday life with this requirement, a good self and time management is essential.

Therefore, this workshop will be guided by the following five basic questions regarding self and time management:

  1. Why don't I have enough time?
  2. How can I set priorities?
  3. How can I plan my week?
  4. How can I plan the individual days?
  5. How can I achieve my goals?

Our goal is to work out the questions with a) a short theoretical approach, b) using practical examples and c) simple tools for the approach.

Whether you master your self and time management well or not, successful coping with stress also includes the ability to develop resilience.

Therefore, in the second part of the workshop, we devote ourselves to a compact introduction to the topic of mindfulness. We are working on the following questions: Why is mindfulness important at all? What is mindfulness? How does mindfulness work?

Please note that the participation in this event requires fluent knowledge of the german language.

When: November 27th 2020, 10am - 1pm
Where: Online Seminar - further information will follow
Registration: via our career database, 3 weeks prior to the event

Please note: Disregister from the event if you cannot attend.