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Consultation Services

Due to the current situation, consultations will take place by phone and/or e-mail. Please send appointment requests to request form

Use our manifold consultation service and profit from our knowledge in the essential situations. Stand out from the crowd and highlight your personality.

Together we revise your CV, deliberate upon your letter of application or give you advise regarding your professional orientation.

The WiSo Student Service Point (WiSSPo) is your first, central point of contact for questions about studying at the WiSo Faculty and bundles WiSo services and advisory services in one place. This also includes questions regarding examination matters, which were previously answered at the reception of the Examination Office and are now also answered at the WiSo Student Service Point. Are you a WiSo student or interested in studying at the WiSo faculty? If so, we can provide you with information and advice on questions related to WiSo studies.

Our consultation offers for you: