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Job Shadowing@WiSo

Alumni and Companies

WiSo Faculty alumni and interested companies can put themselves forward to take on a job shadower.

  • By participating in the job shadowing scheme, you get to meet motivated, driven students and establish interesting contacts for the future.  
  • By getting involved, the idea is that you help our job shadowers find out early on about potential jobs and career pathways and gain an impression of what the roles really involve.
  • This helps give WiSo Faculty students more exposure to the real world during their time with us.

How it works

You tell us what requirements the student should ideally be able to fulfil. We then advertise the job shadowing placement. Once we’ve received the applications, you choose a student, host the job shadower for a day and give us feedback. It’s a minor amount of effort but a major benefit for the student in terms of what they learn.

What happens on the day

  • A “typical” work day is ideal for job shadowing.
  • Please let the job shadower know in advance what they can do to prepare.
  • Give the job shadower a short tour of the organisation, your department and a brief description of your role.
  • If you have to spend a long time writing emails or making calls, give your shadower a task or provide them with copies of annual reports or other documents about the organisation and let them watch you work. 
  • Plan time at the end of the job shadowing day for a brief review and to answer any questions the student might have.

Example schedule for a job shadowing day:

  • Introduction & formalities (1 hour)
  • Tour of the organisation/plant (half an hour)
  • Job shadowing (6 hours)
  • End-of-day feedback meeting (half an hour)

If you’re interested in taking part, we’d love to hear from you.

Please contact:

Ayla Wisselinck
Tel.: + 49 - (0) 221 / 470 4558

A note about the costs involved: Generally speaking, the students should pay their own travel expenses and any accommodation expenses necessary. However, any support your organisation can give towards these costs would be greatly appreciated.

Our Jobshadowing Partner

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