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21st of September 2021 - Online Event at 6pm

Leading Your Team With Empathy and Story

About this event

No matter how well you run a business, external factors will test you. The Covid-19 pandemic with its repercussions was and still is a real leadership challenge. Change became inevitable and constant; our world uncertain, complex, and abnormal. Our employees are watching us closely to see how confident we are and how clearly we see the situation. They look up to us for emotional fuel and transparent communication. How do we lift up to that expectation?

In this highly interactive meeting, we will tackle the issues of:

  • Authentic leadership communication - leading with empathy, vulnerability, and purpose 
  • Using the power of authentic stories to reconnect the team to the vision and ground the team around the company’s values during turbulent times
  • Personal stories as a way to build connection and inspire others 
  • The role of emotions and empathy in building strong teams  

We look forward to an exciting and interactive online meeting with Dr. Anna Olszewska and Magdalena Petryniak on Tuesday 21st of September 2021 at 6pm followed by a Q&A session.

This event is created for alumni who have substantial leadership experiences as well as a team to lead. The event registration is free, but there are a limited number of places. 

About our Experts

Photo credit: Bartosz Gnoiński

Magdalena Petryniak

is the Founder and CEO of Story Seekers Europe dedicated to developing sales and leadership skills. A consultant, business owner, trainer, and a university teacher with more than 15 years of experience in marketing and sales development programs. She is an affiliate Partner on the global team of Mike Bosworth, the founder of Solution Selling and Customer Hero Selling methodologies. She has been honing her leadership, influencing, and marketing communication skills since her first social activism project as an undergraduate, and successfully lobbied in Polish Parliament for Smoke-Free Poland law in 2010. Since then, she conducted more than 150 training and consulting programs for companies worldwide, working in a number of countries ranging from Singapore to the USA. She is an Adjunct Faculty at the Krakow Business School, leading the "Sales Communication Skills" course at the Executive MBA. Passionate about social change and intercultural learning.

Photo credit: Marcin Oliva-Soto

Dr. Anna Olszewska

is a Postdoc at the Seminar for Business Administration, Corporate Development and Organization at the University of Cologne. She is passionate about developing her students’ potential and shaping their practical skills by introducing innovative teaching methods in her classes. Anna also studied in France, Spain, UAE and Singapore, where she gained professional experience in global luxury hotel chains and diplomacy. She defended her PhD with distinction at Kozminski University in 2016. She worked at this Triple-Accredited Business School as an Assistant Professor and International Management Program Director. Scientifically her interests revolve around topics of leaders communication, female leadership and business networking. In recent years she received a National Science Centre Grant, Rector’s Award for Teaching Excellence, Polish Academy of Sciences Award and carried out substantial research projects in Singapore, Switzerland, Germany and United States.