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CEMS Special Event: Happiness and Success - The connection of happiness and success as competitive advantage

Happiness and Success

CEMS Alumni Event: Happiness as a competitive advantage

In today’s fast-moving world, where profitability appears to be companies’ most important goal, many focus on productivity. While technology can increase productivity, we cannot increase the amount of workload, stress or strain on the same individual and still hope to maintain the same levels of productivity and profitability.

Our Alumna and trainer Veronika Seitler-Käfer shares the newest scientific findings how happiness, optimism and social connection are the greatest competitive advantages in a modern economy and points out how you can increase your level of happiness with simple means.

What if happiness is a key driver for productivity? Can happiness create a competitive advantage for your company? Do happier people achieve more?

Learn insights, challenge yourself and interact with your fellow CEMS students and alumni during our exclusive CEMS students & alumni event at the WiSo-Faculty!

When: Tuesday, February 1, 6.00 p.m. until 7.30 p.m. via Zoom

About our Expert

Photo credit: Veronika Seitler-Käfer

Veronika Seitler-Käfer is a business economist and alumna of the WiSo faculty. After studying in Cologne and England, she worked as a lecturer at an academy for communication and completed a training for coaching with focus on self-management and self-marketing. As a lecturer at the University of Cologne, she holds Management Skills courses for our Master students and prepares them for their future as managers and leaders.


This event will be organised in cooperation with the CEMS Office, WiSo Career Service and WiSoAlumni