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Management Skills summer term 2020

The registration and waiting list for the summer term 2020 are closed!

The summer semester 2020 started on April 20, 2020 in digital form throughout the state on the basis of a decree issued by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW to contain the spread of Covid-19. In addition, classroom teaching at the University of Cologne will probably be discontinued by the end of May. The avoidance of classroom teaching also affects the management skills courses.

The UoC is extending the measures it has taken so far to slow down the corona pandemic. The entire summer semester 2020 will be taught online (at least until September 30, 2020)

Additional information here: https://wiso.uni-koeln.de/en/studies/organizing-your-studies/faq/online-teaching-at-wiso and here: https://portal.uni-koeln.de/en/coronavirus


Management Skills is not a ‘normal’ seminar as you may know it from your regular studies. Instead, it is rather a workshop or a training which is held (mostly) by external trainers with long-time experience in coaching. Due to its interactive focus you will be forced to engage in discourse and to deal with your personal strengths and weaknesses.  In contrast to other seminars concentrating primarily on your study topic, our trainers will focus explicitly on your performance inside and in front of a group and give you individual feedback referring to your personal accomplishments. Thus, your presentation skills and your ability to manage a group work will improve significantly if you are willing to participate actively in the workshop.

1. Different courses:

Please be aware that the diverse groups are representing different courses with different lecturers. Therefore, every group may vary in their content and type of examination.
All further information regarding the application process will be sent by e-mail via the Smail-account. Please check your Smail account regularly.

2. Dates:

Group 1
Lecturer: Eva-Maria Siegel
12./13.06.2020 (S241 WiSo-Erweiterungsbau)
26./27.06.2020 (S241 WiSo-Erweiterungsbau)

Group 2
Lecturer: Eva-Maria Siegel
14./15.09.2020 (S2 WiSo-Modulbau)
17./18.09.2020 (S2 WiSo-Modulbau)

Group 3
Lecturer: Veronika Seitler-Käfer
15.- 18.09.2020 (S3 WiSo-Modulbau)

Group 4
Lecturer: Zeynep Karagür
13./14.07.2020 (S1.31 Universitätsstraße 91)
16./17.07.2020 (S1.31 Universitätsstraße 91)

Group 5
Lecturer: Veronika Seitler-Käfer
02.06.-05.06.2020 (S242 WiSo-Erweiterungsbau)

Group 6
Lecturer: Kerstin Meyenschein
20./21.07.2020 (S2 WiSo-Modulbau)
23./24.07.2020 (S2 WiSo-Modulbau)


CEMS/MIM Management Skills:

Group 1
Lecturer: Veronika Seitler-Käfer
09./10.06.2020 (S3 WiSo-Modulbau)
12./13.06.2020 (S3 WiSo-Modulbau)

Group 2
Lecturer: Veronika Seitler-Käfer
09.-12.09.2020 (S3 WiSo-Modulbau)


3. Registration and Admission:

The registration to the course is made via KLIPS 2 at the 2nd enrolment period (from March 3rd 2020 to March 23rd 2020) and students from advanced semesters are prioritized. At the end of the 2nd enrolment period (April 1st), you will see in KLIPS 2 if you were admitted to the course. Please note that KLIPS 2 prioritises students enrolled in higher semesters.
Please do not forget to prioritise your favourite dates after the course assignment. http://klips2-support.uni-koeln.de/12147.html?&L=1


1.    All students with an admission at KLIPS 2 will receive further information by E-Mail via their Smail-account on April 6th.
2.    A change of groups with other students is not possible. Therefore please prioritise your favourite groups!
3.    In addition to the admission to the course, an application via Klips is required in order to register for the exam. All further information according the registration for the exam will be given on April 6th.

4. Deregistration:

In case you have already registered for the exam but, however, do not want to take part in the course, you have to inform the WiSo-Career-Service till April 26th. Otherwise, you will receive a failed attempt.

5. Further information:

1.    On May 11th, you will receive a preparation exercise via ILIAS or by Mail that has to be prepared (if not communicated differently by the lecturer) until the beginning of the course. This exercise is part of your exam and will count for your final grade.
2.    This exercise distinguishes in type and range according to the lecturer! The diverse groups are representing different courses with different lecturers. Please take a look at the description of our courses!
3.    Further information regarding the preparation of the task will be given on May 11th or by your lecturer.

6. Other Examination:

All further examination (term paper; portfolio…) will vary in type and range depending on lecturer.

7. Attendance:

At the WiSo-Faculty there is no obligation to attend lectures. Nevertheless, we advise to attend this seminar regularly and actively as this course is different from other seminars in your studies. Only by participating actively you can acquire management skills and consequently derive the highest benefit for your personal development. As interaction represents the focus of this course, your attendance and commitment is required. Additionally, the oral presentation during the course counts 50% of your final grade.
In case you cannot participate because of urgent reasons please inform us immediately. If you do not appear at the presentation due to illness reasons you need to submit a medical certificate as the presentation is part of your exam. You can find further information related to attendance in your examination regulations.

8. Organisational issues:

If you have got any questions related to the course organisation (admission, free places), please write an E-Mail to managementskills(at)wiso.uni-koeln.de
For any questions regarding the content (e.g. preparation task ...) please contact your lecturer.

9. CEMS/MIM Students + CEMS/MIM Management Skills:

Please note: CEMS/MIM Students and Incomings enrol for the course at 2nd enrolment period as well.

10. FAQ

Change of groups
A change of groups with or without other students is not possible – even if there are free places in other groups. Please prioritise the groups at the 2nd enrolment period.
How to prioritise courses:  http://klips2-support.uni-koeln.de/12147.html?&L=1

For students of M.Sc. Business Administration the seminar is graded as “passed” or “failed”. For students of M.Sc. International Management and incoming students the seminar is graded from 1.0 to 5.0.

Free places after admission via KLIPS 2
In case you did not receive a place at 2nd enrolment period please contact us via Mail. Generally there are some free places that will be distributed after the personal registration. We will write you on our waiting list and inform you if you get a place. Students enrolled in higher semesters will be prioritised.