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Selected projects & publications


Selected Projects

  • Family Research and Demographic Analysis (FReDA; BMBF) (Co-PI: Hank)
  • Panel Analsis of Intimate Relationships and Family Dynamics (pairfam; DFG) (Co-PI: Hank)
  • Social Integration and Boundary Making in Adolescence (SOCIALBOND; ERC) (PI: Kroneberg)
  • Uncovering the kinship matrix: A new study of solidarity and transmission in European families (KINMATRIX; ERC) (PI: Leopold)
  • Very old age in Germany (D80+; BMFSFJ) (Co-PI: Wagner)


Selected Publications

  • Carol, S. & Hank, K. (2020): Natives' and immigrants' gender preferences for children in Germany. European Journal of Population, 36, 235-246.
  • Ellwardt, L., Wittek, R., Hawkley, L., & Cacioppo, J. (2020): Social network characteristics and their associations with stress in older adults: Closure and balance in a population-based sample. Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences [forthcoming].
  • Guertzgen, N. & Hank, K. (2018): Maternity leave and mothers' long-term sickness absence: Evidence from West Germany. Demography, 55, 587-615.
  • Heath, A., Davidov, E., Ford, R., Green, E.T.G., Ramos, A., & Schmidt, P. (eds.) (2020): Contested terrain: Explaining divergent patterns of public opinion towards immigration within Europe. Special Issue of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 46 (3).
  • Kruse, H. & Kroneberg, C. (2019): More Than a Sorting Machine: Ethnic Boundary Making in a Stratified School System. American Journal of Sociology, 125: 431-484.
  • Maskylesion, D. (2019): Health trajectories of immigrants in the United States: Does income inequality of country of origin matter? Social Science & Medicine, 230, 246-255.
  • Muller, J., Hiekel, N. & Liefbroer, A. (2020): The long term costs of family trajectories: Women’s later life employment and earnings across Europe. Demography, 57, 1007-1034.
  • Obersneider, M., Janssen, J.-C., & Wagner, M. (2019): Regional sex ratio and the dissolution of partnerships in Germany. European Journal of Population, 35, 825-849.
  • Skopek, J. & Leopold, T. (2020): Educational reproduction in Germany: A prospective study based on retrospective data. Demography [forthcoming].
  • Vidal, S., Lersch, P.M., Jacob, M. & Hank, K. (2020): Interdependencies in mothers’ and daughters’ work-family life course trajectories: Similar but different?, Demography [advance online access].