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Behavioral Management Science

What is “Behavioral Management Science”?

“Behavioral Management Science” is a new approach that applies research methods and insights from behavioral economics and psychology, specifically to management fields like human resource management, health management, accounting and finance, business ethics, operations management, and organizational design.

With “Behavioral Management Science” we analyse the design and management of products, processes, services, both within corporations and between corporations and deviate from the traditional assumption of expected profit maximization by taking a behavioral perspective. As guiding principles we combine analytical rigor and practical relevance in management by utilizing, for example, theoretical modeling, laboratory and field experiments and field data. Research focuses on understanding the behavior of individuals within and across organizations by taking, for example, social preferences and behavioral biases into account.

Understanding human behavior in organizations can help industry to optimize management decisions and organizational performance.

Interdisciplinary approach for excellent research

“Behavioral Management Science” has its origin in the “Design & Behavior” group, and both groups are closely interconnected. With “Social and Economic Cognition” they shape the University’s “Center for Social and Economic Behavior” (C-SEB) as a result of the University of Cologne’s successful application to the Excellence Initiative of the German government.

 “Behavioral Management Science” and “Design & Behavior” aim at sustaining a strong momentum in interdisciplinary research activities, building up state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure, strengthening regional research collaborations and international networks, and offering a complementary teaching programs from Bachelor to PhD studies.

The BMS Group’s research subfields include:

  • Behavioral Operations Management
  • Behavioral Personnel & Organizational Economics
  • Behavioral Business Ethics
  • Behavioral Accounting & Finance
  • Behavioral Health Management
  • Behavioral Market Design