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Monika Imschloß

IFH Junior-Professor of Marketing and Retailing

Research focuses

Sensory Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Shopper Marketing, POS Design, Retailing

Curriculum vitae

  • Since April 2015  IFH Junior-Professor of Marketing and Retailing at the University of Cologne
  • 2014 Ph.D in Marketing from the University of Mannheim
  • 2014 Dissertation on multi-sensory marketing
  • 2010-2014 Doctoral student at the Chair of Business-to-Business Marketing, Sales & Pricing, University of Mannheim
  • 2010 Diploma in psychology, University of Würzburg

Selected publications

  • Imschloss, M., & Kuehnl C. (2019): “Feel the Music! Exploring the Cross-modal Correspondence between Music and Haptic Perceptions of Softness”, Journal of Retailing, 95 (4), 158-169. [Ranking: A]
  • Reinartz, W., Wiegand, N., & Imschloss, M. (2019): “The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Retailing Value Chain”, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 36 (3), 350-366. [Ranking: A]
  • Imschloss, M., & Lorenz J. (2018): “How Mobile App Design Impacts User Responses to Mixed Self-Tracking Outcomes: Exploring the Role of Spatial Distance for Hedonic Editing”, Journal of Medical  Internet Research mHealth and uHealth, 6 (4), e81. [Ranking: A/A+]
  • Imschloss, M., Stüber, E., & Plitzko, R. (2018):“Einfluss von (digitalen) Displays auf das Kundenverhalten am POS”, Marketing Review St. Gallen, Vol 18 (6), 10-16. [Ranking: D]
  • Imschloss, M., & Kuehnl C. (2017): “Don't Ignore the Floor: Exploring Multisensory Atmospheric Congruence Between Music and Flooring in a Retail Environment”, Psychology & Marketing, Vol. 34 (10), 931-945. [Ranking: B]
  • Reinartz, W., & Imschloss, M. (2017): “From Point-of-Sale to Point-of-Need: How Digital Technology Transforms Retailing”, GfK Marketing Intelligence Review, Vol. 9 (1), 43-47. [Ranking: D]
  • “How Music Touches: Investigating the Influence of Sounds on Haptics” (2014), in American Marketing Association Winter Educators' Conference 2014 Proceedings, Orlando, FL, USA (with Christian Homburg and Christina Kühnl)
  • “From Point-of-Sale to Point-of-Need: How Digital Technology Transforms Retailing” (2017, forthcoming) in Marketing Intelligence Review (with Werner Reinartz)

Selected media publications