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WiSo Profile

(working definition / to be finalized)

  • Unique platform: WiSo is not just a Management School, or just an Economics Department, or just a Social Science department. We are all of it and offer a multi-disciplinary platform where excellent researchers, students, alumni, and organizations work together to address today’s challenges.
  • Inspiring culture: It is fun to work and study at WiSo. People enjoy working together in a friendly, stimulating and diverse environment.
  • Excellence in research: In our research, we address topics that are of relevance to organizations and society. We advance theory and strive for rigor and impact to provide advice to managers and politicians.
  • Student centricity: At WiSo, we place students in the center of interest and design our programmes accordingly. Our teaching approach is research-oriented and problem-based, allowing our students to enjoy learning and enabling them to acquire the competences they need to achieve their goals.
  • International: WiSo is part of an outstanding network of universities. We have frequent student exchanges with our partner universities and an international campus. Most of WiSo’s faculty has international experience.
  • Attractive location: WiSo is located within a metropolitan area of about 10 million people in the heart of Germany’s economy. Cologne is one of Germany's most attractive locations and offers a vibrant student life.
  • Excellent services: A crucial success factor for WiSo are its administration and student services. They are service oriented and provide friendly support to allow faculty and students to focus on research and learning.
  • High reputation: WiSo enjoys a high reputation among peers and institutions, which is reflected in excellent rankings.